An evening or two of new material

An evening or two of new material

I’ve spent the last couple of evenings casually generating new content. I guess these are what back in the day I used to describe as trippy videos. Taking content I’ve already created and mashing with a truck load of filters etc. In times gone by my tool of choice would probably have been “after effects” but these days I use “Hit film pro”. It’s an excellent tool with a daft name, and nice to use a non adobe product.

Twenty years ago when I previously made this kind of stuff I can remember setting a machine to render and leaving it for the night to chug away. These days I’m working at a much higher resolution and with a modern gpu to take on the donkey work it’s only taking a few minutes to render. It’s actually quite therapeutic and there’s greater possibilities for experimentation. When something doesn’t look great you haven’t wasted a whole nights rendering capacity!

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