More audio response and masking

More audio response and masking

My wife and children went off to visit relatives for the weekend and left me to code 🙂

I’ve been adding more effects to the audio inputs including segment size and y position for the kaleidoscopes.

I wasn’t completely happy with the PNG layer masking as the masks sometimes flash when switching from one to another in the sequencer, so I’ve been messing around with SVG masks. That also seems to have its limitations. There doesn’t seem to be a way of dynamically feathering the edges of the SVG mask, which was something I was hoping to achieve. Also, the SVG masks seem to work great on my GIF anim layer with the mask being manipulated to scale and rotate. However, the same is not true of the MP4 layers. When trying to manipulate the mask on those layers the mask jerks so badly that I switched back to PNG masks for video layers.  

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